Greenland Group

Founded on July 18th 1992 with its headquarters in Shanghai China, Greenland Group has stuck to the enterprise tenet of “Greenland, create better life” in the past 22 years and followed what the government advocates and what the market calls for, forming the current industrial distribution which features “highlight on the real estate, integrated development of relevant industries including business, finance and metro” through a two-pronged development method of industrial management and capital management and ranking the 268th place in 2014 Fortune Global 500, the 40th place of the Chinese mainland enterprises on the list. In 2014, its business operating income amounted to 402.1 billion yuan, total pre-tax profits 24.2 billion yuan and total assets 478.4 billion yuan at the year-end, of which the real estate business had a pre-sale area of 21.15 million square meters and a sum of 240.8 billion yuan, both winning the global industry champion.

The real estate business of Greenland Group is taking the lead nationwide in the aspects of its development scale, product type, quality and brand. It is also far ahead in the areas of ultra-high rise buildings, large urban complex projects, high speed rail station business districts and industrial park development. Of the present 23 ultra-high-rise urban landmark buildings (some still under construction), 4 enters the world top ten in terms of their height. The real estate development projects have covered 29 provinces and 80 odd cities with the floor space under construction up to 82.33 million square meters. Closely following the trend of economic globalization, Greenland Group expands its business overseas in a steady way in high gear, covering 4 continents, 9 countries including USA, Canada, UK and Australia, and 13 cities, and becoming the top runner of global operations of China’s real estate industry.

In addition to ensuring its leading position in the real estate industry, Greenland Group actively develops secondary pillar industries including finance, business, hotel operation, subway investment and energy resource, acquires “Greenland Hong Kong Holdings (00337)”the listed company in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and fulfils its strategic layout of integration of the global resources. It accelerates the overall pace of going public, propelling the marketization and internationalization of itself.

Greenland Group will drive regrowth at a higher starting point, strive to surpass 800 billion business operating income and over 50 billion profit by 2020, ranking among the world top 100 companies. Meanwhile, Greenland Group will build itself into a respectable transnational company featuring sustainable development, outstanding benefit, global operation, pluralistic development and continuous innovation, and complete the significant transformation from “China’s Greenland” to the “World’s Greenland”.

Greenland Malaysia

Greenland Group made new foray into the Malaysian property development scene in 2014, bringing with it a wealth of diverse experiences and decades of proven, unrivalled track record in the industry. Inheriting the solid and esteemed GREENLAND brand, Greenland Malaysia is committed to upholding the Group’s principles in building sustainable communities and delivering enduring growth, caring for the society and environment, innovating to deliver values to the various stakeholders and achieving the highest standards of quality and excellence.
Partnering with Iskandar Waterfront City, Greenland Malaysia started its maiden development project Jade Palace in Danga Bay, Johor Bahru. In 2015, it ventured into another development project of much bigger scale named Helios Cove spanning 128 acres in Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru. The company is constantly on the lookout for expansion opportunities to other cities in Malaysia as well as the surrounding countries.
Greenland Malaysia’s management team is composed of individuals with varied backgrounds, experiences and education who work concertedly towards implementing the company’s defined strategies.

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