21 January 2019

2018 Charity Event and Christmas Party

With the sounds of ringing bell around the corner and festive decorations hanging all around, we knew Christmas is near. On December 21st, there are 40 Greenland staffs gathered at Jade Palace to celebrate Christmas and gave a hand to help the needy. The staffs were put into three teams each representing charity organisations respectively. The charity organisations involved are Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Istimewa Johor, Kechara Soup Kitchen Johor Branch and Johor Deaf Sports Association.

For the charity event, Administration and HR department had prepared 5 fun competitive games, with the theme of “Wolves Spirit” in the hope that it will foster fighting spirit, sense of responsibility, increase effectiveness, strengthen communication and cohesion among Greenland staffs.

After the charity event ended, Greenland staffs and their family gathered at G-Coffee to celebrate Christmas with scrumptious buffet dinner. The fun part in the party was “services by leader”, where General Manager, Mr. Du leaded other head of departments to become attendants for the night. The purpose of this segment was to give back to staffs for their efforts and contributions in the past year, to truly implement “home culture” and improve their sense of belongings.

During his speech, Mr. Du stated that 2019 will be the year where the company will achieve greater results. Apart from the opening of commercial and hotel businesses in Jade Palace, G-Flight will also soon to be operating. All these milestones were able to achieve thanks to the staffs who worked hard with full enthusiasm and determination.

Under the sunset and beautiful Christmas lighting, the atmosphere at the event were soon heated. The staffs scrambled to get a hold on the microphone to show off their talent in singing and this turned G-Coffee into a joyous stage. Apart from celebrating Christmas, Administration and HR department prepared a yule log cake for the celebration of December babies.

Christmas is not complete without the adorable Gingerbread Man. Administration and HR department prepared Gingerbread Man cookies for the family and friends of Greenland staffs. At the same time, there are various fun masks and accessories for staffs and their family and friends to take photos with, they could also participate in “Like and Win” contest through Greenland Jade Palace Facebook page. What they need to do is to share the photo and invite their Facebook friends to click “Like” on the photo. The winner for this contest is Chong Zheng Jie from Administration and HR department.

The Christmas party then ended with fun, exciting and nerve wrecking gift exchange session. All staffs received little gifts from each other that are filled with warmth and blessings.

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