28 June 2018

G-KIDS Family Day

On 10th March (Saturday), Commercial and Leasing department organized a Greenland Family Day. The purpose of this event is to bring closer the relationship between working parents and their children, promote interaction and communication and promote G-KIDS to the public via direct participation. On that day, all Greenland staffs and their children were given free “One Day Voucher” to experience the joy G-KIDS could bring. 

After a drizzly morning, G-KIDS welcomed about 130 families with total number of people close to 300. On Family Day, there were 23 studios, Marvel Kitchen, Snack Bar, Daily Fresh and souvenir shop opened for business. First, the children got their own G-KIDS Kidizen passport and cheque, they can exchange the cheque for G-Coins at Bank of China so that they can use it in the studios. The career experience activities can be divided into: i. work and earn money; ii. learning; iii. entertainment; These activities simulate scenes from actual life and turn it into fun and engaging activities. The most popular work and earn studio is Delon Balloon Studio, the most popular learning studio is Cacaorich Chocolate Studio. There are lots of other career experience activities such as fire fighter, police, Chinese traditional medicine doctor, magician and etc. Apart from that, the hard-working and friendly staffs also prepared a wonderful dance performance for the children! Children were able to enjoy and be happy in joining the activities, at the same time they could gain a different life experience and share the wonderful time of Family Day with their friends and family. 

We would like to thank Greenland Malaysia for giving the staffs to spend a relaxing and meaningful weekend with their children. Happiness is Happiness is to be with your special ones with love, let us experience the wonderful life with childlike innocence. Happy Family Day belongs to all Greenland personnel! Greenland first ever Family Day ended with happiness and laughter. 

G-KIDS is suitable for children aged 4 – 12, it encourages the discovery of fun in different careers and to give parents and children a significant family day. Greenland Family Day, precious time to experience your child's achievement. Greenland Kids (G-KIDS), let you dreams set sail.

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