China Ambassador to Malaysia Visits Jade Palace, A Recognition for Greenland Malaysia

On 1 April 2018, Greenland Jade Palace were honored to receive China Ambassador to Malaysia, Mr. Bai Tian. This is the first time Mr. Bai has visited Chinese real estate projects in Malaysia since taking office. Seven members of ambassador’s delegation visited Jade Palace, among them are Director of Political Department Qian Junjun, 3 secretaries and 2 accompanying staffs. 

Each line was organizing the visitation route and patrol while waiting patiently for the arrival of ambassador. Finally at 5pm, Mr. Bai arrived Greenland Jade Palace despite heavy downpour. General Manager, Mr. Du introduced Mr. Bai the special landscape at project site and future development plan, he also summarized the transformation and vision of Greenland.

Accompanied by the sound of “Kompang”, Mr. Du, Mr. Bai and Tan Sri Lim Kang Hoo took the elevator to project model area on second floor. Mr. Bai agreed with the project advantages and trends analyzed by the site manager and expressed his optimism about the location of the project and the prospect of the development in key development Area A of Iskandar region. In order to visualize the project’s image and housing type, Mr. Du guided Mr. Bai to visit showroom on first floor and introduced the result after optimization, which will be able to increase the value of the project on the premise of guaranteeing the quality and progress of the project.

Jade Palace is Greenland’s main project in Malaysia, Mr. Bai stressed that both China and Malaysia are geographically close and culturally connected. With the strategic promotion of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, WeChat Payment and Alipay will soon be coming to Malaysia and this will strengthen the bond of the peoples in these two countries. At the same time, China and Malaysia are getting in a closer relationship, Chinese citizens will look into Malaysian market. He is particularly optimistic about the prospect of Chinese real estate developers in Malaysia which will drive the real estate hub. He is very confident and look forward to a new era. 

Ambassador Bai’s guidance has inspired our employees Greenland. It is the mission and pride of every Chinese to implement the “Belt and Road Initiative” policy. Before the end of the visitation, Mr. Du expressed his gratitude on the arrival of Mr. Bai and look forward to more communication in the future. On this day, Greenland Malaysia team was very encouraged and we have reason to believe that the company will be successful for as long as we are determined, Greenland Malaysia team is willing to share weal and woe in achieving our common goal.

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