Greenland Group to Enter AI Industry! Investing in DeepBlue Technology

In order to actively contribute to the construction of the Shanghai Global Technology and Innovation Center, the Greenland Technology and Innovation industry has once again achieved a breakthrough. This time, the target is the industry-renowned unicorn startup company. 

On 25th April, Greenland Group and the leading enterprise in AI technology and application development, DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. have achieved cooperation. Greenland plans to invest 300million yuan in DeepBlue Technology, with shares accounted for more than 13%, it will become the second largest shareholder in the company. 

At the same time, both parties jointly established “Greenland DeepBlue Construction Technology Co., Ltd.” and “Greenland DeepBlue Robot Technology Co., Ltd.” to develop AI in architecture and robotic intelligence technologies. 

DeepBlue Technology was established in 2014 and it is the leader in the field of AI and original application development in China, expanding the AI research and development and application in various fields. It has been recognized as a world-class artificial intelligence enterprise in China due to its important position in the fields of intelligent robot, retail upgrading, automatic driving and bio-intelligence. 

It is understood that DeepBlue Technology is valued at 3.5 billion yuan before this investment. With the current good development trend, its valuation is expected to be further improved. By becoming an important shareholder through this investment, Greenland will play to its capital and comprehensive industrial advantages to foster and accelerate AI industry in China. 

Establishing Two Company Platforms
Apart from investing in DeepBlue Technology, Greenland Group will form a joint venture and establish Greenland DeepBlue Construction and Greenland DeepBlue Robot. They are dedicated in exerting leading advantages in high technology and affluent application scenarios. 

Greenland DeepBlue Construction will develop AI applications in architecture and household sector. DeepBlue Technology AioT (internet of intelligence) will be embedded in the initial stage of construction, which will lead the trend of using AI in real estate industry; 

Greenland DeepBlue Robot will work together to manufacture logistic robot, medical robot, education robot and industrial robot, the product’s future market is estimated to reach tens of billions yuan. 

“By strategically investing and becoming a shareholder in DeepBlue Technology, Greenland will be able to cut into AI and related high technology industry. The unmanned retail industry will welcome development growth in the coming years, DeepBlue Technology not only has strong first-mover advantage in technical reserve, but also has strong commercial liquidity. ”

Most importantly, industries under Greenland such as real estate, big construction, big finance, big consumption, health care, technology and innovation can provide the application of AI. This includes combining AI with Greenland’s construction, commercial, property management, retail, hotel and healthcare, office and various other scenarios to develop new growth points. 

About Greenland Technology and Innovation
Year 2018 will be the year where Greenland Technology and Innovation upgrade itself comprehensively. 

Recently, Greenland Technology and Innovation together with various financial institutions have established Greenland Technology and Innovation Finance Alliance, and participated in the establishment of Shanghai Intelligent Industry Innovation Research Institute, Human Phenotype Research Institute, Fudan – Greenland Technology and Innovation Center and more. Greenland successively achieved breakthroughs in upgrading and perfecting the financial services chain and the transformation of scientific research achievements. 

Chairman and President of Greenland Group, Mr. Zhang Yuliang stated that “big enterprises need to actively engage in modern technology, traditional enterprise that uses new technologies will be a new species that can achieve new growth.” 

Greenland Technology and Innovation will continue to explore a number of research projects that can be transformed and have market potential. Based on the original cooperation platform with universities in Shanghai, Greenland will further focus on “top industries and top companies”. Greenland will increase the core competitiveness and investment quality of technology and innovation industry and develop it into an important "second pillar industry" for Greenland and a highlight for future transformation and upgrading. 

The cultivation and development of the technology and innovation industry will become another important step for Greenland Group to lead in the era again and actively contribute to the construction of Shanghai Global Technology and Innovation Center.

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