Greenland Intelligent Community

On 29th October, “Hongqiao Valley” – “Greenland Intelligent Community” created by Greenland Technology Innovation Group has finally settled in Changning District in Shanghai. This is Greenland first “technology + city renew” project, which focus on artificial intelligent sector and to create a technology innovation highland in Shanghai central region. Secretary of Changning District Committee – Wang Weiren, District Government Deputy Inspector – Qiu Fang, Deputy Director of School Affairs Committee of Shanghai Jiaotong University – Wu Dan, Greenland CEO – Zhang Yuliang and Executive Vice President – Mao Jun attended the ceremony. 

“Greenland Intelligent Community” artificial intelligent project located at Furongjiang Road, Tianshan Road in Changning District, Shanghai. With Changning Furongjiang Computer City as foundation, Greenland carried out a makeover to the building. Relying on innovation driven strategi of Changning District, “Hongqiao Valley” artificial intelligent industry planning and government policies on regional industrial integration, resource allocation, mass entrepreneurship and talent aggregation, Greenland is committed to support the growth of corporate working on artificial intelligent, to develop technology accelerator that is equipped with the ability to foster technology company and operation management, and finally to provide services to potential small-medium technology enterprises. 

The project conformed to Changning District urban renewal planning, which focus on two-way development – drive urban renewal with industry, stimulate industrial potential with urban vitality. This shall be an important model project for the implementation on urban renewal strategy in Shanghai central region.

Currently, Greenland technology innovation industry is in rapid development stage and has slowly form university incubator park, urban technology park and technology city. University incubator park is being positioned as technology invocation project incubation which focus on university and alumni company with excellent project. Till now they have established Fudan University– Greenland Technology Innovation Center and Jiaotong University – Greenland Innovation Center. In the future Greenland will cooperate with more famous university to establish new incubator park.

Urban technology park is being positioned to promote the development of technology innovation projects to upgrade, convert old and new energy level for the purpose of promoting urban renewal. They focus on sector such as artificial intelligent, interconnection and sharing. It is planned that there will be 20 – 30 similar projects in the coming 3 years and will be promoted to the entire country.

Technology innovation city is being positioned to undertake the overflow of innovation results stemming from previous technology park and promote the industrialization of technology innovation projects such as intelligent manufacturing, health and life science. Currently they have cooperated with local government to initiate Greenland Life and Health Industrial Park, Hangzhou Bay Chuang Zhi Town and other projects. More projects will be initiated in Qingdao Shandong, Foshan Guangdong, Taiyuan Shanxi, Suzhou and etc. 

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