• A

    Infinity Pool

  • B

    Pedestrian Link Bridge (E-Deck Level)

  • C

    Pedestrian Link Bridge (Level 1 Retail)

  • D

    E-Deck Landscape Garden

  • E

    Club Garden

  • F

    Fitness Centre

  • G

    Shopping Street

  • H

    Event Plaza

  • I

    Chinese Restaurant

  • J

    Club House

Three Major System

  1. Maintenance, repair and renovation of buildings
  2. Maintenance and updates for facilities and equipment
  3. Maintenance and management of relevant area
  4. Maintenance and updates for fire equipment
  1. Security: On-duty, guard, patrol, fire prevention, theft prevention, accident prevention.
  2. Cleaning: Regular, fixed point collection and transportation. Cleaning of public area.
  3. Landscaping: Daily maintenance of green space in management area.
  4. Vehicles: Entry with permission, parking at specified location.
  1. Management of water supply, power supply, communications, post and telecommunications facilities.
  2. Collection of abovementioned fees.


Social and Culture

  1. Conduct cultural, health, art lectures from time to time.
  2. Hold social events to share the quintessence of Chinese culture.
  3. Organise hobby classes for fun and leisure.

Business Travel Services

  1. Joining hands with Greenland Group resources in 4 continents, 9 countries and 13 cities, provide holiday tour routes, hotel reservations, attraction introductions and other services.
  2. Professionals to provide overseas immigration and education advice, provide assistance in relevant procedures.

Investment Operation

  1. Full-time rental and sales service center to save owners from the worries of renting and selling.
  2. Provide information on regional development, infrastructure construction, changes and progress information.

Daily Life

  1. Car hailing service, premium business car booking service.
  2. Door – to – door courier service, provide basic legal consultation.
  3. House cleaning service at a phone call away.
  4. Provide nearby restaurants information, table reservation, banquet booking, food delivery and other services.

Health care

  1. Joining hands with ECON Medicare Centre and Nursing Home to provide special home care services.
  2. Cooperate with local private medical institutions to provide green lane services for Greenland Malaysia home owners.




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